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Global Filming

Need to record videos for your production in Japan? but hitting roadblocks? It's no surprise. While Japan may not boast a high level of English proficiency compared to some other countries, finding professionals fluent in both English and skilled in videography is a challenge. 

At SSFilm, our founder honed his craft in Hollywood, bringing expertise in film production to Japan. Leveraging this background, we seamlessly navigate international productions even from within Japan. By eliminating the need to import hard-to-find cinema cameras, audio lights, and various equipment via air travel, we offer cost-effective solutions domestically. Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn, or directly through this platform. 

As project scopes vary, fixed pricing isn't straightforward, but rest assured, we deliver quality results tailored to your needs.

 Explore our portfolio to witness the caliber of video productions trusted even by the Japanese government from the link below.

実績 / our works

東京都中小企業振興公社 / 東京消防庁/ 株式会社wellcrea /Cheng & Tsui /株式会社crevo / リディアダンスアカデミー / ドリーメイク株式会社

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